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My Thoughts: Alabama U.S. Senate Candidates

The filed is now set. Here are my thoughts on the candidates. Continue reading

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The Business of Beer

Beer is a huge worldwide business. It is the world’s most widely consumed and probably oldest alcoholic beverage; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. Interestingly, the Czech Republic is the world’s largest per capita consumer of beer. Folks there each consume 42 gallons per year of the brew. In second place – no surprise – is Ireland where those jolly folks annually drink 32 gallons per person. Rounding out the top five counties in consumption are Austria, Germany and Romania. The United States actually ranks 15th in the world in per capita consumption. Continue reading

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What’s With Camden, Alabama? Is There Something in the Water?

As of this month, little Camden, Alabama now claims an incumbent United States Senator, an incumbent member of the U.S. House of Representatives, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alabama, and now the President of the University of Alabama. What is it about Camden? Continue reading

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On the “Hot Tamale Trail” Through the Mississippi Delta

Where is the Mississippi Delta. And what is the Hot Tamale Trail through the Delta? Well, I’m glad you asked. Herewith, my excellent adventure on the Hot Tamale Trail through the Mississippi Delta. Continue reading

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Today is Friday the 13th.

What gives with this superstition? Is there some evidence to support the fear? Or is Bubba “Beam” Lowtower, III, the Sage of Catherine, Alabama right when he eloquently says, “there ain’t nothin’ to it.”
Continue reading

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Spicy Pecan and Cheese Ball with Pepper Jelly Recipe. It’s Terrific!

I’ve made this recipe many times and it never fails to get rave reviews. It’s a great hors d’oeuvre to take to a party, or to serve at your own gathering. Guaranteed to please. Continue reading

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New Report: Average Wage by County in Alabama Includes Real Surprises

The U.S. Department of Commerce just released a report showing the average wage by Alabama county for the year of 2010. Statewide in Alabama, the average wage per job was $39,626. But the real surprises were in the top counties. Continue reading

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