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The Business of Beer

Beer is a huge worldwide business. It is the world’s most widely consumed and probably oldest alcoholic beverage; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. Interestingly, the Czech Republic is the world’s largest per capita consumer of beer. Folks there each consume 42 gallons per year of the brew. In second place – no surprise – is Ireland where those jolly folks annually drink 32 gallons per person. Rounding out the top five counties in consumption are Austria, Germany and Romania. The United States actually ranks 15th in the world in per capita consumption. Continue reading

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What’s With Camden, Alabama? Is There Something in the Water?

As of this month, little Camden, Alabama now claims an incumbent United States Senator, an incumbent member of the U.S. House of Representatives, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alabama, and now the President of the University of Alabama. What is it about Camden? Continue reading

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New Report: Average Wage by County in Alabama Includes Real Surprises

The U.S. Department of Commerce just released a report showing the average wage by Alabama county for the year of 2010. Statewide in Alabama, the average wage per job was $39,626. But the real surprises were in the top counties. Continue reading

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90-Year Old Coppersmith Still Turning Out Lanterns

When Bill Paulk opened his coppersmith company in 1985 at age 64 he says it was as “a retirement business.” Now 26 years later at age 90, Paulk gives no hint of real retirement. He is still handcrafting copper lanterns. Continue reading

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An Adventure Into Prehistoric Alabama

Deep in the heart of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta lies a mysterious island, studied for centuries by explorers, archeologists and historians. As the crow flies, the island is only 24 miles north of downtown Mobile, Alabama. But by other measures, it’s eons away. The site is accessible only by boat. Continue reading

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Alabama Home Prices Still Declining

According to a recently released report, Alabama has experienced a decline in home prices during the last 12 months of 3.7 percent. This compares to an average national decline of 3.9 percent.

It’s always interesting to look at how we stack up compared to our neighbors. Georgia had a steep decline of 7.3 percent while Florida experienced a drop of 3.5 percent over the past 12 months. Tennessee’s home prices declined by only 0.2 percent. Mississippi was the real surprise among our contiguous neighbors with home prices there actually rising by 2.0 percent.
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Alabama and Mississippi Rank High Among Business Friendly States

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council has released its 2011 ranking of the states according to their public policy climates for small business and entrepreneurship in the “Small Business Survival Index.” Alabama and Mississippi are ranked high. Continue reading

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